Fotosearch k5623934 2Rainbow Therapy is a combination of Native American and Tibetan energy techniques designed to bring the body into higher frequency, electrical alignment and balance. A minimum of 9 highly antimicrobial oils are used in addition to special blends. If certain systems of the body need work, additional blends and singles are used along with the Vita Flex and Reiki.

All of the components of the Raindrop Technique are incorporated into this session, which is a combination of oil application and techniques introduced to society by D. Gary Young. His inspiration came from the traditions of the Lakota Indians. Wallace Black Elk told Gary the story of how the Lakota people used to migrate to Canada each spring. There they would experience the beauty and healing benefits of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

The Lakota people would reach their hands high into the sky, using them as antennas to pull down vibrant energy from the dancing lights. They would breathe the energy level in and push it up their spines. They believed that these enchanting lights had the power to raise their personal energy level and to make them well. In the 1800s, when the borders between the United States and Canada were completed, the Lakota people could no longer travel north to experience the energizing effects of the Northern Lights. So they used feathers instead to raise their energy, brushing them lightly up the spine.

A few years after his meeting with Wallace Black Elk, Gary studied the beneficial effects of therapeutic-grade essential oils on spinal malformities and other difficulties of the body. He was inspired at that time to use a brushing technique similar to what is used by the Lakota when applying the oils. The result is the now famous Raindrop Technique, which has benefited thousands.

The principle oils used include: Valor, thyme, oregano, wintergreen, cypress, peppermint, basil, marjoram and Aroma Siez. The oils are dropped onto the back from a height of about six inches, hence the name, “Raindrop.” The oils are then lightly brushed with the fingertips until they are absorbed into the skin, infusing the body with their positive properties.

One of the amazing things about being attuned to the Reiki energy is that we can allow it to always flow into any situation for the highest good and that includes giving and sharing Raindrop Therapy with a client. Becoming a Reiki master in 1997 and also a Young Living distributor at that time allowed me to use both of these gifts in my healing work with others over the years. My apprenticeship with the RaindropTechnique in the early years included attending several of the big weekend Young Living trainings and numerous clients who were interested in receiving the Raindrop. This translated into lots of practice for me with both the oils and Reiki since I always brought this energy in at the beginning of a session. Over the years I also added a number of other energy tools/techniques and so it soon became a bit more and eventually began to morph into what I now call the Rainbow Therapy. Ultimately all of the credit for the many healings that have occurred along the way can't be laid at the feet of any one person, tool or technique and can best rest with the knowledge that God alone is the doer. I have simply been blessed to be the channel for the work.

Receiving a Rainbow Therapy allows the physical system to achieve a deep state of relaxation, thus enabling one to find that inner peace where healing can occur. I have found it to be of benefit for a wide variety of physical symptoms. It appears to release blockages and literally washes the bio field or aura clear. If you live in the Black Hills of South Dakota or will be in the area and would like to receive a Rainbow Therapy call or email for an appointment. Generally sessions last about 90 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for preparation and discussion. 

Raindrop Therapy trainings arranged individually or with small groups by appointment.