Equine Raindrop Therapy

   Seven years ago, I wak0124227tched a Native American medicine man perform a "Spinal Alignment" on a fellow holistic veterinarian in Minnesota. He used herbs, essential oils and hot water on the spine. Four years later, I got the opportunity to work closely with a Lakota Sioux medicine woman in Idaho, who did a similar healing on a woman with MS. I attended a doctors' conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in March of '99 and observed a woman receive raindrop therapy from Dr. Gary Young, a naturopath and leading authority in the science of essential oils. The patient was in her early fifties, had severe scoliosis and spinal pain. After this raindrop treatment, she grew over one inch, her deviation lessened over 50%, and she was pain free. 

   It seemed to me that the universe was guiding me to utilize such a treatment in my own practice. The very next morning, I woke up with a clear vision of how much this treatment would help horses and their riders. Since then I have developed a technique for animals, especially horses, and produced a video that explains clearly how to do the technique yourself.

   This revolutionary therapy is easy to do for your horse. It is beneficial for the person applying the oils and for any animal close enough to smell the oils, as the scent triggers a response within the hypothalamus almost immediately. It is not a cure-all, but it is a wonderful way to keep horses healthy and comfortable in their bodies. It is also a powerful addition to antibiotics when fighting an infection because it assists in strengthening the immune system. It pulls viruses and toxins out of the system and balances the structural and electrical alignment of the horse.

   Raindrop Therapy has been an important addition to my treatment of EPM horses. I use it preventatively before a long trip, for instance, from California to Calgary, and especially when European horses come out of quarantine. It is extremely helpful in boosting the horses' immune systems and helps them to realign with the electromagnetics of a new continent. I suggest all barns carry the oils with them, and have interested owners take part in this treatment. A physical therapist who is familiar with the horse, or a groom, who has healing hands and an interest in the horses' well-being, can also learn and perform this treatment.

   Raindrop Therapy integrates layering of essential oils on or near the spine and down the inside of the hind legs, using vitaflex techniques, with massage and damp heat on the horse's spine. It takes 40-60 minutes to perform, but the oils will continue to work in the body for up to one week. The oils used will reduce inflammation, and are anti-viral and anti-microbial. The principal oils used in this technique are thyme, oregano, cypress, birch, basil, marjoram and peppermint. In this day and age, we must look into higher frequency medicines because so many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is happening in human medicine faster than in veterinary medicine, but it is still obvious that penicillin and Gentocin do not always work as well as they should. Many of the conventional medicines that used to work so well for us are becoming obsolete. 

Please note ~ I have been sold out of the Equine DVD since July of this year and am uncertain as to future availability.  There are still 2 of the Quick Reference Guides in stock.  The cost is $20 plus shiipping ~ if that would be of interest to you please contact me by e-mail or phone.        

Dr. Mack's DVD and The Quick Reference Guide for the Equine Raindrop Therapy is available from Quantum Specialties. Phone Tesla at (605) 580-0283 or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The DVD offers a clear and concise explanation that empowers most horse owners to perform Raindrop Therapy. It also provides an introduction and understanding of essential oils and how they can be used therapeutically. The DVD and Equine Quick Reference Guide retails retails for $59.95 plus shipping.  Credit Cards accepted.

The Quick Reference Guide is something to take along with you to the barn.
* Eleven completely laminated pages.
* Sturdy coil binding.
* Simple and easy to read with step by step instructions.
* Illustrations and helpful tips.
* A full page to make your own notes with a wet-erase marker.
* There is also room for notes on the back of each page.

I have found this therapy to be a simple, yet powerful treatment for the horse. It enhances the immune system, alleviates pain along the spine and generally invigorates the horse. I also incorporate Reiki into the therapy session as indicated on an individual basis.

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