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Namasté, Here you will find a few of my personal favorites in regard to products, services,
causes and metaphysical teachings. Nourishing our Togetherness and Protecting our Planet.



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The following link will take you into the Young Living website where you can shop for some of the best and purest essential oils available on the world market today.      



peacesymbolListen For Peace

"Let us visualize the ocean with a multitude of waves. Imagine that we are a wave on the ocean, and surrounding us are many, many waves. If the wave looks deeply within herself, she will realize that her being there depends on the presence of all the other waves. Her coming up, her going down, and her being big or small depend entirely on how the other waves are. Looking into yourself, you touch the whole, you touch everything --you are conditioned by what is there around you." Thich Nhat Hanh from Going Home ~ Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

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