From the Piscean Age into Aquarius, Breathing in and Breathing out as we transition into the LIGHT, higher frequencies and dimensions.

For the last 24 years I have kept information up online about all of the following topics: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Essential Oils plus various subjects and therapies as they related to my own ongoing private practice, teaching and class schedule Due to continuing issues with censorship and the general lockdown and blocking of information being allowed to get through along with warnings of suspicious activity I have decided it is time to just take it all down. Also, the site has always been intended as informational in nature and all these years down the road I do believe the message has been embraced.
These last few years I have really been morphing in a new direction that seems to involve more writing and less hands on and class work in regard to students. As for my involvement with Young Living, ongoing since 1997 (sponsor number 85128) other than answering a few questions about the essential oils, therapy practice with clients and teaching has been pretty much limited to continuing as a member and personal use. My work with therapeutic grade essential oils has been quite a journey over the years and I plan to do more in the way of sharing via the written word in the near future.
In regard to the facebook Quantum Specialties page I appreciate those who took the time to follow the posts for the few years it was up. I’ve pretty much given up any posting there due to the censorship and the blocking of information, especially rampant since the beginnings of the COVID pandemic, masking and lockdowns in 2020. Any postings in regard to the vaccine issue has been and continues to be especially problematic. It’s also been hacked by a car dealership and someplace in India.
So, for now I am going to continue with the blog posting on which you can click on the link here to connect or get there on your own if for some reason it gets blocked. So far there haven’t been any problems with this website. My email address is still and for now may be the best way to reach me.

Now in my late seventies, still here by God’s grace ~ Wishing you joy in the journey,
Namaste, Tesla.
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