May every living being, seen and unseen 
Those dwelling far-off, those near by
Those already born, those waiting to be born
May all attain inward peace.

Words from the Sutta Nipata


The passing of the seasons finds me in a transitional state of mind and after much reflection have decided to continue with my sabatical from a regular yoga class schedule for now.  At present I am busy enough with Reiki classes, a priate therapy practice, family and personal commitments.  Am considering, God willing, an Autumn 2017 series of yoga classes so please check back when the leaves begin to change color for an update.    

In the hado of Reiki love, harmony and healing, 
Tesla Starr

tesla vrikshasana 400

Tesla in Vrikshasana 7/31/15

"Trees of a similar kind are found in clusters. They stand together. Spiritual people are wise to stand together - communicating, chanting, meditating under a tree." -Swami Sivananda Radha