July 26th through August 12th, welcome to the Lions Gate Portal which will peak tomorow 8/8/2019 ~
A 2 year cycle is upon us, a time for dreams and visions of the future. Waves of humanity continue to awaken, the cosmic flu is upon us all in some form or another and it is important that we come into alignment with our true path.  Ever moving toward the next chapter of what we want to create for ourselves and for the planet.  Remember we are ONE with mother earth, she will surely reflect our own imbalances back to us and also restore us to wholeness given the opportunity.
Breathe and remember to have FUN along the way.  Take care of yourself and your living space.  Drink plenty of water it will help to alleviate many of the symptoms that are manifesting in the physical vessel.  Energy, it’s all lines of energy.  Using essences can be helpful in navigating it all.  Practice crystal grid work in your home, it will help you to stay in touch with the planetary ley lines.  It may be helpful to disconnect from electronic devices for a time.  This is also a powerful window to address our many addictions and release them along with the negative karmic patterns of the past.  
Upper chakra upgrades at this time may or may not be visual.  Some are experiencing dizziness and cold or flu like symptoms in order to release denser energy within the cells and integrate higher frequencies.  Water, drink more water. For me since the late sixties, yoga has been my main coping  and upgrade mechanism or metaphysical  tool.  Sometimes seemingly losing the way and then touched by the angels and finding the LIGHT once again, lighter and freer to allow change to happen.  There is always chaos before the creation of something NEW to manifest.  Allow everyone to be in their own energy space without judgment, keep the focus on your own path moving into higher potential.  Walking the line, I remain radical center, peace in every step.   Tesla Starr     


 A Wing and a Prayer, July 27, 2018

The last year or two with Bolo Dass we were in definite elder care mode and my days generally revolved around the care he required at this point in his life.    Fortunately I was in a position to do that.  There were continuing dietary issues, his vision and hearing were fading and for the last 6 years I treated him almost daily for carcinomas on his hind legs.  He loved receiving Reiki and was a willing patient when it came to the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for many of the health conditions he faced over the years.  That, however; is another story or two or three for another day.

Messages from spirit and the winged ones began on the 22nd of June, exactly 2 weeks prior to Bolo's passing.  Unsettling messages to be sure.  The first thing that happened was a small finch or perhaps wren that somehow found it way into the house and then up to the loft.  By the time I discovered it, the injuries were beyond repair and it died in my hand. I bury it in the Shiva rose garden, wondering what it could mean.  Breathing in non attachment ~ Breathing out impermanence !  

Four days later I'm writing and enjoying the early morning hours when there is an extremely loud thump on the front porch window.  I race outside and there sitting on the bench directly in front of the window is Swami my cat and lying right next to him is a robin red breast still as can be.  We are both in a bit of shock, peering at the bird as it takes its last breath and dies.  I bury it in the Shiva rose garden. wondering what it could mean.  Breathing in non attachment ~ Breathing out impermanence !

And the day before Bolo's passing there is this dream ~ I am in a house with my father and there is a bird trapped in it.  He makes a nice round hole in the wall for the bird to fly out.  Just when the bird is about to fly out the opening into the light a cats head begins to appear on the other side ready to catch the bird, so it doesn't make it through.  A second attempt is made by the bird with the same result.  Finally a woman comes to take the cat away from the opening.  I'm beginning to get the message, it's time to let him go, to fly, fly away home.       

Remembering the small bird that hit my old 1999 green Subaru's windshield as I drove Swami Shivabalananda and Vidyawati to the airport on their last visit with us in the Black Hills.  There was a moment of hushed silence and recognition by all of us as to what had just happened and then Swami's voice saying "Let it go."  I am also reminded that in Haiku and other short verse that the songbird is often alluded to as a sign of imminent death and subsequent rebirth in a better realm.  I received bird visitations and messages out in Portland while caring for my aging parents as well. 

These words by Paramahansa Yogananda bring me comfort "We are waves on the surface of the sea; and for a time in death our consciousness becomes enwrapped in the Infinite Oneness whence we came.  It is nothing to regret, but rather a rest, a pension, from the travails of life ~ a promotion to a greater freedom." 

Be Light,

Tesla Starr

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A Wing and a Prayer ~ In loving memory of Bolo Das ~ 2000 ~ July 5, 2018 

Bolo Dass was a rescue dog, although am uncertain who rescued who?  He was a therapy dog, providing comfort for countless clients over the years,attuned to the Reiki energy and comfortable in the spirit world.  He came into my life through a series of unusual events in the autumn of 2005.  Piecing together some records by previous owners, Polo Valentino (his pedigree name) was born to a family of Italian Grayhound show dogs in Kansas.  He was large for his breed and apparently not a good candidate for a show dog.  He ended up spending his first year in Custer, SD and eventually moved to Lead with plans to breed him.  Unfortunately for his new owner this didn't work out, as Bella her female IG rejected him due to his size so she purchased another male IG for breeding purposes and now there were 3, in addition to another dog in the household. 

One day I went to the local post office in Lead to mail a package around lunch time, when they were about ready to close.  There cowering all alone in the corner and growling at anyone coming close to her was Bella.  For some reason she allowed me to pick her up, so told the relieved post master I would check with the local animal shelter and see if we could track down the owner.  I took Bella home with me and it ended up taking a few days to locate the owner who was out of town at the time.

And that is how I happened to end up with Bolo Dass.  As it turned out the owner was moving to NY, Bella who was pregnant by now and the other smaller IG were bound for new owners in Colorado and what to do with Bolo Dass?  I ended up taking care of all three of the dogs for several weeks while she traveled to NY on business and it didn't take any time at all for me to fall in love with him.  So that fateful trip to the post office all these many years ago turned out to be my lucky day.  What a wonderful gift and blessing he has been in my life and I dare say a previous life or two as well.

Coninue this tale next time, Tesla

Photo 2010, courtesy of John Gunderson

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Spiritual Gardening 102 ~ Harmonic Full Moon, June 28, 2018

The harmonc full moon is upon us, let us rejoice and BE glad in it.

It's lucky I took a picture of the beautiful blooming tea roses the other day because this morning I see they have all been pruned.  The culprit, which appear to be deer given the footprints in the earth and droppings left behind, were kind enough to leave just a few buds and several missed petals.  This is the 2nd pruning the rose bushes have had to endure in recent weeks.  So frustrating, the deer do love the roses.  Breathing in non attachment ~ Breathing out impermanence!  It's a good thing I love the daisies that the deer pass by for the sweeter high frequency rose food.

Fences and walls may be the solution?  I wonder how high it would have to be?  I can't seem to embrace the idea and am going to keep trying other options even though they clearly leave something to be desired in terms of being able to feast my eyes on a rose garden in full bloom.  For years now I have dedicated this portion of the garden especially to Lord Shiva, known as the lord of destruction.  As a source of all knowledge, the happening in this small space reminds me that his act of destruction is in itself an act of creation.

Shiva reminds me to gladly share the bounty and make sure to smell the roses when they are there.  Forgive, it's nature, what is there to forgive?  Let it go, there is so much suffering in the world right now I feel stupid to even be mourning the loss of these roses.  Think of the countless souls fleeing the poverty and tyranny of their homeland and everything they have in the hopes and dream of a better life.  We are all being asked to dig deep into our heart chakras at this time for global solutions and to remember that we are really all ONE, in the same boat on this planet of free choice.    

And so for now I will keep pulling weeds, sending LOVE & LIGHT and compassion to the world situation.  Remembering that a little pruning can be good for the health of the plant and as Shiva would tell us ~ in the absence of destruction there can be no creation.  Also, next month I am going to splurge and buy a bottle of rose oil, am fairly sure the deer would approve.

In Harmony, 

Tesla Starr

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IMG 4680 1


Spiritual Gardening 101June 10, 2018

A few mornings ago several young deer found their way into the yard and not only ate the leaves off the newly blooming Geranium plants on the front porch, one was pulled completely out by the roots to be gobbled up.  For some reason I was under the impression the Geraniums would be deer resistant ~ so now I know ~ GRRRR!  There they all stood now at the top of the steps, two young does and a buck with velvety nubins on his crown all looking on, wondering what my reaction would be, which initially of course was total irritation "how could you" ?

Breathing in, breathing out, so we'll see.  I've moved the flower pot onto an enclosed deck and the good news is the missing Geranium plant has freed up enough space to plant some Basil that I was wondering what to do with.  Perhaps there is enough time left for the remains of the survivor to make a come back and bloom once again before the snow flies?

Tending a garden up here in mile high Lead is a constant lesson in non-attachment and impermanence for me. Between the late and eartly frosts, the threat of hail and the wandering deer I am constantly reminded to enjoy the moment and be thankful for the fruits when they do appear.  In the meantime I just splashed on a few drops of Geranium oil which is wonderful for the skin, very refreshing and sure to help me with the stress of gardening.  

Tesla Starr

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