Spiritual Gardening 102 ~ Harmonic Full Moon, June 28, 2018

The harmonc full moon is upon us, let us rejoice and BE glad in it.

It's lucky I took a picture of the beautiful blooming tea roses the other day because this morning I see they have all been pruned.  The culprit, which appear to be deer given the footprints in the earth and droppings left behind, were kind enough to leave just a few buds and several missed petals.  This is the 2nd pruning the rose bushes have had to endure in recent weeks.  So frustrating, the deer do love the roses.  Breathing in non attachment ~ Breathing out impermanence!  It's a good thing I love the daisies that the deer pass by for the sweeter high frequency rose food.

Fences and walls may be the solution?  I wonder how high it would have to be?  I can't seem to embrace the idea and am going to keep trying other options even though they clearly leave something to be desired in terms of being able to feast my eyes on a rose garden in full bloom.  For years now I have dedicated this portion of the garden especially to Lord Shiva, known as the lord of destruction.  As a source of all knowledge, the happening in this small space reminds me that his act of destruction is in itself an act of creation.

Shiva reminds me to gladly share the bounty and make sure to smell the roses when they are there.  Forgive, it's nature, what is there to forgive?  Let it go, there is so much suffering in the world right now I feel stupid to even be mourning the loss of these roses.  Think of the countless souls fleeing the poverty and tyranny of their homeland and everything they have in the hopes and dream of a better life.  We are all being asked to dig deep into our heart chakras at this time for global solutions and to remember that we are really all ONE, in the same boat on this planet of free choice.    

And so for now I will keep pulling weeds, sending LOVE & LIGHT and compassion to the world situation.  Remembering that a little pruning can be good for the health of the plant and as Shiva would tell us ~ in the absence of destruction there can be no creation.  Also, next month I am going to splurge and buy a bottle of rose oil, am fairly sure the deer would approve.

In Harmony, 

Tesla Starr

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Spiritual Gardening 101June 10, 2018

A few mornings ago several young deer found their way into the yard and not only ate the leaves off the newly blooming Geranium plants on the front porch, one was pulled completely out by the roots to be gobbled up.  For some reason I was under the impression the Geraniums would be deer resistant ~ so now I know ~ GRRRR!  There they all stood now at the top of the steps, two young does and a buck with velvety nubins on his crown all looking on, wondering what my reaction would be, which initially of course was total irritation "how could you" ?

Breathing in, breathing out, so we'll see.  I've moved the flower pot onto an enclosed deck and the good news is the missing Geranium plant has freed up enough space to plant some Basil that I was wondering what to do with.  Perhaps there is enough time left for the remains of the survivor to make a come back and bloom once again before the snow flies?

Tending a garden up here in mile high Lead is a constant lesson in non-attachment and impermanence for me. Between the late and eartly frosts, the threat of hail and the wandering deer I am constantly reminded to enjoy the moment and be thankful for the fruits when they do appear.  In the meantime I just splashed on a few drops of Geranium oil which is wonderful for the skin, very refreshing and sure to help me with the stress of gardening.  

Tesla Starr

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